05 September 2006

The Fray - Fuzzy Pictures

Well, I didn't remember to bring my good camera, so everyone gets to enjoy said phone pictures of The Fray. Still it was a really good set that they played. My friend that I brought with me really enjoyed them as well. Hopefully, they'll make a good name for themselves internationally. The show last night was their first international show too. I'm glad that I could be a part of that.

I guess this bears a little more explaining. The Fray is a band from Ft. Collins, Colorado. I'm also from Colorado (not Ft. Collins though) so I really felt suprised to see them here at all. Once I found out that they were comming, I made the decision to see the show. I'm not really a big concert person, but this was a really fun show.

The opening act was not so good. Electric Confection is a drummer, bassist, and keyboardist badly in need of a good lead guitar and singer. They have a guitarist and singer, but they need a different one. Their set started off pretty good, with some fun disco and bluesy songs. But they just went downhill through the whole thing. The guitarist really didn't take himself seriously. Posted by Picasa

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