22 September 2006

Net Neutrality Debate

Although nothing definite has happened yet in the Senate, it appears that those of us who like our internet are likely to lose. This article provides a wonderful example of how our representatives are being manipulated by lobbyists. You know, if we had an organization dedicated to providing the House and the Senate with scientific and technical information so they can form their own decisions on these topics, issues like this might not even come up. Oh wait, they shut that organization down.

Long story short, I feel that our politicians are going to ruin the internet without a full comprehension of what they are doing. I recommend that everyone please write to your Representative and Sentators. Let them know how you feel. I really don't want to have a stupid tiered pricing scheme where only the largest and most popular internet sites will be accessible at good speed. The internet has worked fine as is so far. By voting against these bills, congress can maintain this status quo.

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