30 September 2006

Kilt day

So, I'm totally wearing my kilt today. Awesome-sauce!

27 September 2006

I love internet quizes

Cause how else would I know how geeky I am.

Your Geek Profile:

Gamer Geekiness: Highest
Music Geekiness: Highest
Academic Geekiness: High
Geekiness in Love: High
Internet Geekiness: High
Fashion Geekiness: Moderate
General Geekiness: Low
Movie Geekiness: Low
SciFi Geekiness: Low

Crazy Weekend

I know its Wednesday, but I think I need to make my post about the weekend now. There was so much that its taken me all this time to process all of it. First off, Saturday night was International Night. Groups from most of the countries staying at the hostel gave some type of presentation or performance relating to their country. Unfortunately, the light wasn't good enough to get any pictures of the performers. I did get this interestingly moody shot though.

On Sunday night I met with one of the other people from the forums. We had some beer and pizza. Good times were had. Then we failed horribly at taking pictures of our selves. Here is an example.

22 September 2006

Net Neutrality Debate

Although nothing definite has happened yet in the Senate, it appears that those of us who like our internet are likely to lose. This article provides a wonderful example of how our representatives are being manipulated by lobbyists. You know, if we had an organization dedicated to providing the House and the Senate with scientific and technical information so they can form their own decisions on these topics, issues like this might not even come up. Oh wait, they shut that organization down.

Long story short, I feel that our politicians are going to ruin the internet without a full comprehension of what they are doing. I recommend that everyone please write to your Representative and Sentators. Let them know how you feel. I really don't want to have a stupid tiered pricing scheme where only the largest and most popular internet sites will be accessible at good speed. The internet has worked fine as is so far. By voting against these bills, congress can maintain this status quo.

19 September 2006

A new obsession

So, its come to my mind that a cool thing to own would be a replica of Haruko's bracelet from FLCL. The problem is that I cannot find any place that sells them, and I'm really not much of a crafty person. So, I'm left with the choice of haphazardly trying to assemble something myself, or commissioning are artsy person to do something for me. If anyone who reads this is interested in helping me, please drop me a note. I'm poor, but I ought to be able to pay at least for materials and shipping.

RSS feeds

I've finally figured out RSS feeds. Happy day! Now I can keep better track of everyone else's blogs. This is a very good thing.

18 September 2006

Escape Pod

Escape pod is a great podcast recommended to me by a few of my other friends online. I've been a little behind in the listening though. Today, I listend to EP065. First of all, the story they have is great. But at the end of the cast, there is a reference to Penny Arcade. I'm still laughing.

And for those of you viewing this on Facebook, I recommend you check out the actual blog. Facebook does not seem to like bringing my embedded URL's when it imports, and I'm way to lazy to go through and fix everything. My blog site is forscience(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I'll also put up a link on my profile page.

17 September 2006

Just found

Saw this on dA. Looks pretty cool.

Serenity and Chaos

Deviant Art

I've made myself a page at Deviant Art so that I can share my horrible drawing with people who might care. Check it out.

13 September 2006

Makeshift Miracle

I post on forums from time to time, and I recently encountered one our members noting that his comic was now available for free (before it had been pay only). I'd never taken a look at the graphic novella, but I'd seen the guys art style before, so I decided that it was worth a look. I was damn impressed. I recommend everyone to take a look at Makeshift Miracle. Good art, and a great story.

11 September 2006

New D&D campaign

I've been shanghai'ed into running a D&D game again. Take a look at the world that I'm trying to create.

One week

So, I'm getting lazy about the blog. I need to not let this happen. The blog is too cool for me to allow it to die the slow agonizing death of laziness.

Big fun stuff on Sunday. First, we had a special service at church today, welcoming a new congregation into the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand (LCANZ). The church is a Chinese congregation led by an Missouri Synod pastor (LCMS) named David Chiang. A lot of the memeber of Mountainside Lutheran went to the service at Botany. The service was held in English with Mandarin translation, though I gathered that their normal services are held in Mandarin with Cantonese translation.

After that, I went to see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. I really enjoyed the movie. I can recognize that it had lots of shortcomings as far as art, but it was still a very fun movie to watch. I'm not going to post any spoilers, since I had enough trouble avoiding them, but to anyone that has yet to see this movie "Go see it, do it! Do it now!"

05 September 2006

The Fray - Fuzzy Pictures

Well, I didn't remember to bring my good camera, so everyone gets to enjoy said phone pictures of The Fray. Still it was a really good set that they played. My friend that I brought with me really enjoyed them as well. Hopefully, they'll make a good name for themselves internationally. The show last night was their first international show too. I'm glad that I could be a part of that.

I guess this bears a little more explaining. The Fray is a band from Ft. Collins, Colorado. I'm also from Colorado (not Ft. Collins though) so I really felt suprised to see them here at all. Once I found out that they were comming, I made the decision to see the show. I'm not really a big concert person, but this was a really fun show.

The opening act was not so good. Electric Confection is a drummer, bassist, and keyboardist badly in need of a good lead guitar and singer. They have a guitarist and singer, but they need a different one. Their set started off pretty good, with some fun disco and bluesy songs. But they just went downhill through the whole thing. The guitarist really didn't take himself seriously. Posted by Picasa

04 September 2006

Concert tonight

I'm heading out to see The Fray tonight. Should be a good show from a Colorado group. I'll post more details about the concert when I get back, or tomorrow. Whenever I feel better.