29 July 2006


So, I went last night to help my friend Daphne with her student film project. She's doing a sort of fan film based on the game Deus Ex. I ended up working as a Grip and the Boom operator. Interesting thing to work on an amateur film set like that. I recorded about 45 minutes of audio during the course of a 4 hour shoot. I'm planning to assemble some of my recording into my second podcast. This requires me to finish podcast one first, but it gives me a really good start towards the second one.

Today, I'm playing D&D with my friends. This is going to also turn into a podcast. Scary what happens when you give people access to audio equipment at a free or cheap way to broadcast it.

27 July 2006

Podcast and movie

So, I've started recording my first podcast. Basically, I'm just going to talk about how I got to New Zealand, and what I'm doing here. I'll try to talk about a lot of the strange things that happen to me. So to some extent, it will be very similar to my blog, but I'm hoping that the audio format will make it a little more evocative. I'm also in the process of finding music that is both good, and free for use in podcasts. Suprisingly, a lot of artists are willing to let you use their stuff as long as you give them credit for it.

Tomorrow, I'll be helping a friend with her student film project. I'm going to yell at the actors and make sure that they do their jobs correctly. Also, I'll be taking my little tape recorded with me, so as long as I can get the audio to transfer to my computer with a minimal amount of loss, I'll be sharing my experience with the internet.

I'll give you more information about the podcast as soon as I've finished recording.


Sounds like I'll be getting a podcast together soon with some of my friends. More details will follow, as soon as we have worked them out. In the meantime, you can check out our website.

26 July 2006

A curious find

So, today when I was walking home from the University, I came upon an interesting find. It was so, interesting in fact, that I had to take picture. The picture is of some type of camp heater with an aluminum hard hat sitting on top. I really don't know why its there, but it is.

I can think of a number of possible explanations, the most obvious being that someone is planning to take up residency in this strange little corner of the city. But the theory that I much prefer is that there is an artist preparing a still life. Think about it. A couple of random pieces of junk in a strange location. That just screams "art".

The rest of my day was spent breaking rocks and using Illustrator in a way that it was never designed to be used.

25 July 2006

First post

Well, I keep jumping around between various blogging sites. I still haven't found one that I really, really like. Hopefully this one will turn out to be a bit better. I'm going to keep my research blog over at "A Geek for All Seasons" . Everything about my personal life will probably get moved here. I can't be bothered to try and update both this and a livejournal, so I think everything will get simplified.

I do have some fun news. Only a week until my girlfriend, Crystal, gets here. She's also recently reactivated here subscription to World of Warcraft, which means that we have more fun things to do together even when we are far apart.

My work hasn't gone that well, today. I can't seem to keep myself very focused. Tomorrow is another day, and I should be able to get more done. I'm leaving the office early today in an attempt to do some writing and editing of my work at home.