08 March 2010

Where do the weekends go

Unlike everyone in North America, I've already had to deal with Monday.  Nuts to that.  But the weekend was pretty good.  Besides going to Lush and getting some nice smelling things, I spent some time talking to my parents, and playing some games with Crystal, Chris, and Brandon.  I'm really ready to be finished with my thesis so that I have a bit more leisure time.  Things are getting pretty close.  I'm running around trying to secure permission to use some third-party copyright items.  So of it has been easy, but I'm going to end up writing some letters to take care of the rest.  Hopefully, the rights holders are willing to let me use stuff for free since I'm a poor student and not really publishing my thesis.  I spent the rest of the day entering some data into a spreadsheet and drawing a profile for a stratigraphic section that someone else described.  Then I printed out a copy of my thesis so that I can start checking through it to make sure that everything flows together reasonably well and I don't repeat anything.  I have a meeting with my supervisors tomorrow, and will hopefully get some editing suggestions back so that I can wrap up the last few chapters.

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