11 March 2010

Reading aloud

For that last few days, I've been reading my thesis aloud to Crystal.  This process has been interesting, and has really led me to find a lot a small errors that need to be addressed before I give my full thesis over to my supervisors to review.  I should be finished with that by the early next week.

I've received editing recommendations for my Summary and Conclusions chapter, and have done most of them at this point.  The big struggle that I have now is to find a few good closing sentances.  I'm not expecting my thesis to close with the same feeling as The Great Gatsby, but I really need some thoughts that push the implications of my research, without repeating things that have already been said too much.  I hope I can find these few words quickly.

I also sent in a resume to a company that I hear might have an engineering job available at about that same time that I'm planning to return to the US.  I feel rather nervous doing this.  The last time I was looking for a job was in 2005, and the economy was still doing pretty well.  The outlook isn't that great right now and even engineering jobs are pretty scarce.  The job is really good and I shouldn't have too much trouble living in an area that I like either.  I put a lot of work into both the resume and the cover letter, so hopefully they leave a good a impression and I get a call for an interview.

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