18 March 2009

Round the world flights

I'm attending a conference this October in Alexandria, Egypt then going home to Colorado to participate in a friends wedding.  This makes booking flights a bit of a weird exercise.  Especially when Expedia.com recommends going from Auckland to Cairo via Los Angeles and New York City.  That was the cheapest flight; somehow cheaper than flying the much shorter distance via Sydney and Dubai.  I guess either way, I'm basically having to fly to the opposite side of the world, but the economics of the whole thing is rather weird.  The good news: I might be able to get the whole trip in at under $2500 per person (that's US dollars).  Still a bit for us on our relatively low income.  May have to beg the parents for a little assistance again.
A bit more drawing today.  Revised some drafts according to my supervisors comments yesterday.  I'm pretty much done with that work for now.  Tomorrow I'll start into the writing and get a better idea of what fieldwork that I need to do on Tuesday.  I'm really trying to step up the pace of my work, especially since my supervisors indicated that would be important for me to finish in time.  Time to check the weather and get a feel for whether work next week will be alright.

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