26 July 2007

Poster preparation

I've begun work to prepare my poster for presentation at the ANZ Geomechanics conference. I have not yet received the details of format, but I have a number of steps that can be used to get started. One of these is preparing figures to present on the poster. I have a lot of work to do to making sure that I have all of my information presentable in pictoral form. I plan to use the lest text possible, because that really seems to make a more effective poster. Also, I already have plenty of text in the article that will appear in the proceedings, so interested people should be able to look at that.

I've forgotten how Illustrator is both wonderful and difficult to work with at the same time. Some of the features that make it quick to sketch over photos also make it difficult to color various areas. I have at this point finished one of the poictures that I will be interpreting.

I'll be getting Crystal to help me a bit with this when she has time. But I think I have been sucessful with my first attempt.

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