27 July 2006

Podcast and movie

So, I've started recording my first podcast. Basically, I'm just going to talk about how I got to New Zealand, and what I'm doing here. I'll try to talk about a lot of the strange things that happen to me. So to some extent, it will be very similar to my blog, but I'm hoping that the audio format will make it a little more evocative. I'm also in the process of finding music that is both good, and free for use in podcasts. Suprisingly, a lot of artists are willing to let you use their stuff as long as you give them credit for it.

Tomorrow, I'll be helping a friend with her student film project. I'm going to yell at the actors and make sure that they do their jobs correctly. Also, I'll be taking my little tape recorded with me, so as long as I can get the audio to transfer to my computer with a minimal amount of loss, I'll be sharing my experience with the internet.

I'll give you more information about the podcast as soon as I've finished recording.

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