10 February 2010

As the completion date approaches

I am fast coming to the end of my time as a PhD candidate.  The thesis is due on February 26, and although I am making good progress in my revisions, I feel that there is more to do that I really have time for.  I have turned a draft version of my entire thesis into my advisers at this point and am primarily working to revise it to their satisfaction.  My conclusions chapter has essentially been returned to me with the rather simple comment "you need to discuss how your research relates to the field as a whole".  This is, in fact, one of the requirements set forth in the PhD statute for the university.  Its not something that I haven't done at all.  I spent a good portion of Chapter 2 setting the scene for where my research will sit in the field.  At this point, I simply need to connect the new discoveries that I have made the work of other people.  I think I can manage to that without further direction, but I'm worried about the time.

I have just begun revising Chapter 5, which is the chapter that primarily presents my work in the Auckland area.  I still have Chapter 6, where I attempt to tie all of my work together.

I'll leave the post here though.  I need to get back to work.

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