02 November 2006

Why no posts?

Well, I'd like to say that I've been to busy and dedicated to post anything for the last few days. But the truth of the matter is that I just haven't really had anything that sparked my interest and desire enough to post to the internet. Life has been going on mostly as it does for a grad student. I'm still working on my conversion to a PhD program. Things are still looking hopeful, but the fact that the Geology department recently merged with Geography has made things slightly more interesting. But, life goes on.

I'm a pretty avid listener to "All Songs Considered", and although I normally try to take note of the artists that are reported, I don't actually make an attempt to find out about them. In a recent episode, two artists really caught my attention. One Ring Zero play some wonderful, slightly quirky music. Something like TMBG, but not as far out there. Their song "Natty Man Blues" is absolutely wonderful. Christine Fellows's song Souvenirs gave me shivers. It's a long time since a piece of music has given me that feeling. I love it so much. These are two artist that I will begin purchasing music from.

Also, a friend recently reminded me of the great music that Polaris did for The Adventures of Pete and Pete. So, I made a quick search on Amazon, and found out that the CD was available. This is also going into my pile of things to buy with Christmas money.

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