05 October 2006

The strangest movie ever

Dancer in the Dark may be the strangest movie ever. I don't think I have ever seen a stranger movie. On the other hand, it is also a brilliant work of art. I may have to watch it again. There are such strange and subtle nuances to it. The tragic irony of"nothing bad ever happens in musicals". I'm not sure what the end message of the work is meant to be. I'm still thinking about that. But overall, its really strange, but also very though provoking.

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Crystal said...

Look, look, I'm leaving a comment. ^.^
Is that the movie that has Bjork in it? Or am I thinking of something else? We use to have it at work. In any case I hope you liked it and it made you feel better. Jim was a little down yesterday <.>; You need hugs now.

~Hugs~ ^.^