16 August 2006


Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long. I have very good reason this time. Mostly it revolves around being away from the internet for a period of time. The cause of this absence is the important part though. I just had a two week visit from my girlfriend, who goes by the internet moniker of ZeldaQueen. Well, I shouldn't say girlfriend anymore. She is now my fiance`. So, really good things happening there. On the other hand, she has now left to return to the US, so I'm feeling sad again. But, such is life.

I'm back to work on both my thesis and my podcast. I have most of the material that I think I want for Episode 2 recorded. In case you are interested the website for the film is here. All I plan to do with it is edit down the raw audio that I collected at the shoot and add some introductory sentences and a few comments. I haven't recorded anything more for Episode 1 however. I have a current target length of that podcast of around 10 minutes. Hopefully things will work out the way that I want them to.

I'll be in Christchurch next week for the Natural Hazards Management conference, so anyone who is interested in that sort of thing can come and see my poster presentation of my thesis research. The thesis seems to be going well. As I'm sitting down to write, the biggest difficulty that I have is finding all the notes that I need to complete all the sentences. My current manuscript is up to halfway through Chapter 4. I think I'm about halfway done with the first draft. The manuscript currently has a lot of missing references and figures, but I really want to get all of the text in before I start playing with the pictures, mostly because MSWord does not tend to treat them kindly.

I want to remind everyone to check out The Gameslave. I haven't done anything on their recently, but my friends have all been active in my slackerness.

When I get back home tonight, I'll find some of the better pictures from the vacation and post them here.

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